Winston Churchill – I Like A Man Who Grins When He Fights

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Sir Winston Churchill is a man to whom so many of life’s great quotes are attributed to and one of those is ” I like a man who grins when he fights“.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill twice served as prime minister for the United Kingdom from 1940-45 and again in 1951-55, his first term of office being during the Second World War.

The best explanation I could find about the above mentioned famous quote was from WikiAnswers.

….When the great Winston Churchill said, “I like a man who grins when he fights,” he meant that such a man exudes and manifests courage by looking into the face of adversity and challenging it head on. He doesn’t run from fear, he engages it, and smiling during the contest is one way to not only embolden oneself but also to disarm and discourage the opponent, whether that opponent is an actual person or a condition. So . . . when you are up against an adversary, grin when you fight. It will help you overcome the adversity and triumph….

My reading of Churchill’s famous life quote is that it is better to face up to a problem in a confident manner and not to show negativity or fear. Putting on a brave face is in many ways halfway to winning the battle.

Photograph source Imperial War Museum Collections.
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  1. Martyn, WC is certainly one of my favourites when it comes to quotes. I hadn’t heard this one, but it is so fitting really. Watched a good(old) movie on his early life a few weeks ago.

    • Mike thanks for posting the very first comment on Great Life Quotes and it’s appropriate you being British you chose the old British bulldog’s post for it. WC came out with many wonderful and inspiring sayings but I had to choose one and this was it. I like a quote which gets you thinking a bit, not too much but a little bit.

  2. Great quote! But I see a slightly different meaning intended by Sir Winston. His life was peppered by examples of him running into the fire. He was invigorated by the fight! He believed a man was only a man if he pushed past his limits, confronted danger and evil, and cowed it or died trying. His courage was buoyed by his bravado. He liked the fight; he relished it. I think that is what he meant by the quote, and that is partly why some critics still call him a war monger, even after history proved him so painfully right. What an extraordinary man he was.

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