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Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin have been fighting crime in Gotham City for many years and are probably the best known crime busting double act ever seen. Batman originated from the work of artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger when he appeared in Detective Comics way back in May 1939. Robin first draped his cape one year later.

The Caped Crusaders adventures starring Batman and his crime-fighting partner Robin started in comic book format and in the years since have been turned into several TV series as well as numerous blockbuster films. The superheroes have pitted their wits many times against arch villains such as the Joker, the Penguin and Catwoman, but they have always kept cool heads, high spirits and their own brand of witticism about them despite facing life threatening danger on countless occasions.

Batman and Robin’s wit has humoured millions of fans for over 70 years and I have put together a few of the many great Batman and Robin quotes over that length of time.

4 Film Favorites: Batman Collection (Batman / Batman Forever / Batman and Robin / Batman Returns)

“Whatever is fair in love and war is also fair in crime fighting.” – Batman

“I hate to disappoint you but my rubber lips are immune to your charms.” – Robin

Robin: “That’s an impossible shot, Batman.”
Batman: “That’s a negative attitude, Robin.”

“The mind of a criminal like Riddler’s is a sponge which soaks up many strange facts.” – Batman

“‘It is the duty of every good citizen of Gotham City to report meeting a man from Mars in a public park…… Gotham City Penal Code, Section 32, Subsection 14.” – Batman

Robin: “Gosh, Batman. I never see you use a telephone directory. How do you remember all those numbers?”
Batman: “Elementary, my dear Robin. I simply transpose the numbers into letters. For example, Pete Savage’s number is the name of a girl he and I used to date.”

“Stand up Shame! You’re not worthy of the name Shame, you’re a sham Shame! Don’t ever cry on my tights or pull my leg again.” – Batman

“I’d rather die than beg for such a small favor as my life.” – Batman

Robin: “Where’d you get a live fish, Batman?”
Batman: “The true crime fighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”

“It looks bad, Batman. This brassy bird has us buffaloed.” – Robin

“Hand down the shark-repellent Bat-spray.” – Batman

Batman: “Ma Parker’s girl is more dangerous than her three boys.”
Robin: “Her legs sort of reminded me of Catwoman’s.”
Batman: “You’re growing up, Robin. Remember, in crime-fighting always keep your sights raised.”

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