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My most recent post listed some great philosophical life quotes from martial arts legend Bruce Lee. This one is about Chinese martial arts and the star from the American TV series Kung Fu which was first aired in the 1970’s.

American actor David Carridine played Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine in the series which followed Caine’s trail through America’s old Wild West in search of his half-brother Danny.

Caine was an expertly trained kung fu master but his best weapon was his spiritual mindfulness, he was a martial arts master who could kick, but also quote calm and thoughtful words.

Below are some of the best David Carradine kung fu quotes from the popular TV series which include a couple of wise teachings from Kwai Chang Caine’s Shaolin priest teachers Master Po and Master Kan.

Kung Fu: The Complete Series Collection

Kung Fu Quotes

I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions. – Caine

Caine: Master Tae, What is the best way to deal with force?
Master Tae: As we prize peace and quiet above victory, there is a simple and preferred method….. run away.

When one eye is fixed on the destination, you have only one eye to search for the way. – Caine

To know nature is to put oneself in perfect harmony with the universe. Heaven and earth are one. So must we seek a discipline of mind and body within ourselves. – Caine

When your enemy is weak, you must make him strong. To destroy that enemy, you must first glorify his power. – Caine

To hate is like drinking salt water. The thirst grows worst. – Caine

There are two strengths… the strength of the body and the strength of the spirit. The body is the arrow. The spirit is the bow. You must learn to use the strength of the spirit. – Caine

Master Kan: All life is sacred. Thus the joining together of man and woman is always honored. Apart there is no life. But from such union, life may proceed.
Caine: Then life must be always defended.
Master Kan: The thorn defends the rose. It harms only those who would steal the blossom from the plant.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: The Complete First Season

Those who have twin roots sometimes become the strongest trees. – Caine

Once mighty waters hurdled themselves against rock. And from these two harsh strengths came this most gentle sand. – Caine

A worker is known by his tools…. a shovel for a man who digs…. an axe for a woodsman. A gun is not a tool for peace. – Caine

Life is a corridor and death merely a door. – Caine

Caine: Is it good to seek the past, Master Po? Does it not rob the present?
Master Po: If a man dwells on the past, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past.

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    The most profound observation ” Do you own your possessions or do they own you ? “…..has guided me over 40 years. I’m surprised you missed it .

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