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Kenneth-Williams-Carry-On-QuotesThere were a total of 31 Carry On films produced, the first being Carry On Sergeant in 1958, and the last, Carry on Columbus in 1992. The series of British made comedy films were renown for their funny one-liners, saucy camaraderie and double entendres. The Carry On cast made many budding actors and actresses household names and they always gave the impression they were one big happy bunch of overgrown kids having one helluva lot of fun together.

The boys included Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Peter Butterworth, Jim Dale, Terry Scott and Jack Douglas, the girls saucy line-up had among others, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims and Hattie Jacques. What a star-studded cast they were. Below are some of the best film quotes from a few of the Carry On movies.

Carry On Cleo

“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!” – Kenneth Williams funny Carry On Quote in the role of Julius Caesar was voted the funniest film one-liner in a poll by Sky Movies Comedy.

Carry On Doctor

Biddle: Nurse I dreamt about you last night.
Nurse Clarke: Did You?
Biddle: No, you wouldn’t let me.

Carry On Cowboy

Big Heap: This is my squaw, Kitikata. I bought her for two buffalo skins.
Charlie: How (Greeting).
Johnny Finger: Never mind how, where!

Carry On Camping

Dr. Kenneth Soaper: Barbara dear, do you think your quite suitably dressed for travelling?
Babs: Oh but sir, we were told to bring the minimum of clothing.

Carry On Girls

Connie Philpotts: It’s your girls I’m talking about, I’ve heard them all night long, doors banging ……………
Sid Fiddler: Blimey, when you’ve got young dollies around you have to expect a bit of banging.
Connie Philpotts: Well, I expect you to get them into bed at a reasonable hour.
Sid Fiddler: I promise you, I’ll do my very best!

Carry On Dick

Reverend Flasher: William, don’t you think it’s time you came to church again?
William: What do you mean, Rector?.. Don’t you remember?… I was there last Sunday. I took the collection.
Reverend Flasher: I know. Next Sunday I want you to bring it back.

Carry On Emmannuelle 

Emile Prevert: Why me? You could have Tom, Dick or Harry.
Emmannuelle Prevert: I don’t want Tom or Harry!

Carry On Follow That Camel

Simpson: You mean all these ladies are the Sheikh’s wives?
Sgt. Nocker: Yes. What’s so terrible about that?
Simpson: Think, all those mother-in-laws!

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